Our Story

Livin’Peach Cosmetics was inspired by the story of Aya, one of our family members.

It all started when Aya, a 27-year-old mother of a beautiful princess, decided to start taking better care of her skin. However, one feature that was a struggle for her was that she had a Super sensitive skin, so she was supposed to choose her skincare essentials carefully. Her favourite serums were Retinol and Hyaluronic Acid. Long story short, after trying 3 to 4 different popular brands of those serums, she almost gave up her skincare routine because none of them were suitable for her skin and she kept on noticing irritation and redness. Not that the issues were from the skincare itself, because as a proof, hundreds of people use them and a lot of them might not have these problems. Specially, that they are supposed to be respectable and reliable brands.

In September 2023, Livin’Peach Cosmetics was born.
Our brand came to this world to serve ALL skin types. And ofcourse, Aya was our very first candidate.

Thankfully, up until today she has been using our brand’s products, under professional supervision and with our recommended routine. Happily, almost after 8 months of using, Aya has not experienced any irritation, redness, or any other kind of reaction. Her face today looks more fresh and glowy than ever before. She now gives her skin a nickname called “silky-smooth”.

Today, Livin’Peach Cosmetics is very proud and confident to say that its skincare essentials have been uniquely crafted for all skin types.

Livin’Peach… Live in Beauty.